Gushaini, Teh. Banjar, Dist. Kullu, HP
Day hikes in the Great Himalayan National Park

One day hikes around the Great Himalayan National Park


You have only one day with us or multi day treks are not your cup of tea, try a day hike !

You cannot enter the GHNP in only one day but the ecozone of the park hides some very beautiful places.

Select one of the hike described on this page or contact us for many other hikes that we can suggest you.

Hike to the Park gate

Max alt
2000 m
430 m
5 hrs
Hike from Gushaini to the entry gate of the GHNP and back. The trail goes smoothly to the Park Gate along the Tirthan river, crossing a few villages and beautiful forests.
It is a nice hike for those who want to approach the Park in only one day. At the gate, the Tirthan river and its environment is fascinating.
There is no steep slopes on the way. Difference of altitude between departure and arrival is 410 metres. The walk to the Parks Gate and back takes a total of 5 hours.
You can have your lunch at the Park Gate where there is a very peaceful campsite beside the river.

Hike to the GHNP gate

Hike to the Serolsar lake

Max alt
3230 m
100 m
4 hrs
Your day start with a jeep safari to Jalori pass (3130m) via a spectacular road winding through a beautiful forest environment.
From Jalori pass, enjoy an amazing scenic view of the Himalayas.
A trail starts from the pass and goes up and down to a small charming mountain lake. It has an amazing atmosphere! Not very surprising that there are many legends about the place.
The return trip takes about 3 or 4 hours walk in total. No steep slopes, the trails is relatively comfortable. Our Serolsar lake package includes, the jeep safari to Jalori pass, a guide to lead you to the lake, lunch at the lake, and coming back to your guest house/homestay/camp.

Hike to the Serolsar lake

Hike to Chehani Kothi

Max alt
2140 m
200 m
2 hrs
The hike starts from the village of Bihar.It is a moderate trail that delves you into the forest, terrassed fields and exposing you to the traditional village of Chehani Kothi.
The village where stands Himachal Pradesh’s tallest temple—Chehani Kothi. The villagers are God Fearing people, mostly occupied in servicing the local Devta—Shri Shringa Rishi. The history of the Devta can be gathered from the pujari.
A hike of half an hour from Chehani Kothi, leads to Myagi. Another village mostly famous for the spectacular view of the snow capped Himalayan Peaks. It has approximately five families, engaged in agriculture.
The area is also an excellent choice for those who wish to observe many rare Himalayan birds.

Hike to the Serolsar lake

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