Gushaini, Teh. Banjar, Dist. Kullu, HP

Experience the wild nature effortlessly


When you have less time or lag a bit in physical fitness, here is a chance for you to camp in the nature of the Himalayas. You can enter into the wild without giving a second thought about-

    Trekking for hours
    Shortage of time
    Physical fitness
    Young kids or aged parents

For you we have selected the closest natural forested sites. These raw sites will provide your soul a treatment of nature with a wonderful view of Himalayan ranges. We will take you to these places which are like 10 minutes to 1 hour walk from the road side. You will be provided with a very helping staff that you have to follow along with your belongings.
We can even provide you with an extra porter on your request to carry your stuff.

The staff will :
     Set up your camp and set bonfire in the evening
     Cook delicious food
     Increase your knowledge about the Himalayan wildlife
     Provide you safety in the wild
     Ease your life in the wild elements

With Himalayan Ecotourism you are provided with the best quality of equipments.

Either you are comfortable with our trekking equipment (no standing-height) or you wish to enjoy the comfort of our deluxe touring equipment (standing-height with a very comfortable bedding)
More info about our camping equipments : See here.

In short

We can take you to the selected natural spots in a very leisurely way. Hence allowing you to relax and enjoy an amazing feast of wilderness.

What could be done ?


Feel alive and twinkle with the stars. The high altitude of your camp and the absence of city lights provides you with a crystal clear sky. You can identify different constellations, stars, galaxies and planets. And if you get lucky, the star might fall for you too!

To literally chill

When you want to escape the heat and hectic schedule to enjoy the chilled fresh air amidst nature.


The Himalayan landscapes offers great opportunity for the photographers as it is rich in flora and fauna. The sunrise and sunset, snow covered valleys, misty tress, you will be mesmerized and have good collection of photographs.


Indian Himalayas has a wide variety of various beautiful and rare birds. Camping in the wild will definitely help you watch these lovely birds at various time of the day and will help you to know them better and increase your vocabulary about birds.

Learning about wildlife.

You will have a naturalist guide accompanying you who will provide you the knowledge of the complete surroundings while you are camping. You will definitely discover a lot.

Who could go ?

Families with children or small babies

With this package, you can camp without any worries with your kids and make them learn and feel about nature and its beauty. With our team you are in the safest hands. Your safety and comfort are our first priority.

Someone who wants to take it easy

When you really want to escape your everyday life and find a refuge in the lap of nature without having walk long distance. This camping package will be your favorite.

Someone who lags a bit in fitness

Nothing can stop you from being one with nature. Without much of efforts you will get to enjoy the raw wilderness.

Group of friends (any age)

Fed up of meeting your friends always in the same bar, same environment ? Take them all with you for a great camping experience.

More photos of camping experience

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP

For large group

Do not hesitate coming with all your friends or colleagues, we can manage large groups.

Nothing roadside

Gentle walk in an Himalayan forest to reach your camp in the wild.

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP

A must for kids

Let your children to discover and to learn from pristine nature !

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP

Best comfort

With Himalayan Ecotourism, camping in the wild doesn't mean having to cope with the elements.

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP

Ready for a meeting ?

We know how to make you to forget your day-to-day life :-).

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP

A raging storm ?

Don't worry. With our staff and camping equipment you are safe !

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP

Yoga in the wild !

We can ask our Yoga instructor to be with you at the campsite.

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP

Nature's gift

Explore the surrounding and find something good to eat and to share.

Camping in the Tirthan valley, GHNP


Let your soul meet the cosmos far from the agitation ...

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