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Rolla Trek


Rolla Trek: A gentle introduction to the GHNP

Rolla Trek is the shortest and easiest trek in GHNP. In case you have only two days for trekking Rolla is actually the only option with Rangthar. Please check also the Trek to Rangthar in the Great Himalayan National Park to know which one you would prefer.

Rolla is also a good trek for first-timers to trekking, though you may consider to go up to Shilt hut if you have one more day.

The trek begins at the road-head Gushaini. From there, you hike through the ecozone of the park along the Tirthan river to the reach the park gate where the national park begins.

Rolla Trek features

Duration of your trek  

Day-min : The minimum number of days required for the trek
Day-max : The maximum number of days you can spend on this trek. Prolonged itinerary can be discussed with our team.
AWTD : Average walking time per day (<3 : easy, 3 to 5 : moderate, >5 : strenuous)

Altitudes of your trek  

Min : Minimum altitude of your trek.
Max : Maximum altitude of your trek.
Ascent : The difference of altitude between the trek starting point and the highest point of the trek.
Descent : The difference of altitude between the highest point of the trek and the trek ending point.

Difficulty of your trek  

Stamina : The physical effort involved during your trek. Rated from 1 (easiest) to 5 (most strenuous). If you have an average fitness you can consider all treks below 4.
Technical : Difficulty of your trek in terms of exposure to danger and required experience. 1 : no difficulties, 2 : walk on good mountain trails, 3 : some walk on difficult mountain trails (steep slope, rocks, etc.), 4 : you are exposed to some dangers (void, snow, falling rocks, etc.), 5 : Experience required (please inquire).
Overall : Average between Stamina and Technical rating.


3.5 hours


1570 m
2100 m
510 m
510 m

Rolla trek map

Rolla trek map in the Great Himalayan National Park GHNP

Rolla Trek itinerary summary

A very good mountain trail following the Tirthan river takes you up to the village Ropa. It continues up to the Park gate bringing you in a more wild environment. From the Gate you are very close to the river up to Rolla.

Rolla Trek elevation profile

Elevation profile of Rolla trek in the Great Himalayan National Park GHNP

Rolla Trek ascent and descent

Nothing very steep on this trek. The path goes up and down toward the Park gate through some nice forests. From the Gate to Rolla you are with the chanting river in the wilderness of the GHNP.

Best time to trek to Rolla

Best time to trek to Rolla is March, April, May, June, and then October and November.

You can also consider July, September and December. We even had trekkers to Rolla in Jan and Feb !
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Rolla trek itinerary

Timing Details

The trek starts from the village Gushaini where we have our office.
After being introduced to your trekking staff you follow the path giving way to the remote villages of the ecozone.
After about one hour you reach the village Ropa where you may consider having your lunch if it is the right time.


As your trek is in progress the human population starts decreasing and nature turns into natural wilderness.
After walking for 3 hours along the Tirthan River you will reach the park entrance gate. As you cross the park gate you are in the realm of Nature.
On your way to Rolla, you will only come across one old abandoned wood house. The path will get narrower and forest will become dense, and then you can find diversity of plants and tree species.
After hiking for half-an hour from the park gate you will reach Rolla Huts and the campsite.
Once the tents are pitched you will receive a delicious snack, and enjoy the riverside location of the camp. During evening at the river bank you may encounter wildlife coming to drink water from the river. It is commom to see monkeys and langurs, but even leopards have been spotted!

On the way to Rolla, Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
Before reaching Ropa.
Timing Details

Wake up with the sound of the Tirthan river.
After a copious breakfast everything is packed and you have time to enjoy the place.
No hurry you can even have your lunch at Rolla before going back to Gushaini.


You go down via the same way to the Gushaini where you can come for a tea at our office in the evening.

Rolla campsite, Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
The campsite and huts at Rolla

Rolla campsite, Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
Our preferred campsite before Rolla


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