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Tirthan valley


Two outstanding treks for entering the intimacy of the magical Tirthan valley.

There are two options for experiencing the Tirthan valley from within.

Either you want to contemplate it from above, from a very scenic spot. In this case you should go to Kobri top above Nada thach.

Or you want to taste the water at the holy source of the river, going up to the feet of the glaciers out of which originates the Tirthan. In this case your trek will be the Tirth (or Tirath) trek.

In both the cases you have great chances of spotting some rare mammals and birds including the Blue sheep, the Himalayan Tahr, or even the rare Brown Bear and Snow Leopard. And don't worry about getting yourself amazed by the Himalayan grandeur, it is our promise!

These treks do not require any special mountain skills but you should preferably have some experience of trekking.

Tirthan Valley trek

Duration of your trek  

Day-min : The minimum number of days required for the trek
Day-max : The maximum number of days you can spend on this trek. Prolonged itinerary can be discussed with our team.
AWTD : Average walking time per day (<3 : easy, 3 to 5 : moderate, >5 : strenuous)

Altitudes of your trek  

Min : Minimum altitude of your trek.
Max : Maximum altitude of your trek.
Ascent : The difference of altitude between the trek starting point and the highest point of the trek.
Descent : The difference of altitude between the highest point of the trek and the trek ending point.

Difficulty of your trek  

Stamina : The physical effort involved during your trek. Rated from 1 (easiest) to 5 (most strenuous). If you have an average fitness you can consider all treks below 4.
Technical : Difficulty of your trek in terms of exposure to danger and required experience. 1 : no difficulties, 2 : walk on good mountain trails, 3 : some walk on difficult mountain trails (steep slope, rocks, etc.), 4 : you are exposed to some dangers (void, snow, falling rocks, etc.), 5 : Experience required (please inquire).
Overall : Average between Stamina and Technical rating.


1570 m
4100 m
2530 m
2530 m

Tirthan valley map

Map of the Tirth trek in Great Himalayan National Park GHNP

Trek itinerary in short

The whole itinerary of the trek follows the Tirthan river bed except for the climb to Nada. Going to Kobri is a day hike from Nada. Otherwise from Nada you continue towards Tirth. You come back via the same way.

Elevation profile of the Tirth & Nada trek

Elevation profile of the Tirth trek in the Great Himalayan National Park GHNP

Trek ascent and descent

The ascent and descent of the trek is quite regular since it follows the river. The climb from Chalocha to Nada is very steep.

Tirthan valley weather

Best time to trek to Kobri and Tirth in the Tirthan valley is mid-May to June, and then mid-September to early November.

You may also consider early July. If you go only up to Nada you can come from the month of April.
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Tirthan valley trek itinerary

Timing Details

The trek begins at the road-head Gushaini. From there, you trek through the ecozone of the park and along the valley of the Tirthan river to the reach the park gate where the national park begins. You will pass through 2 villages - Ropa and Kauncha.
As your trek is in progress the human population starts decreasing and nature turns into natural wilderness. After walking for 3 hours along the Tirthan River you will reach the park entrance gate. Before you enter the park gate you may have your lunch.


As you cross the park gate you are in the realm of Nature. On your way to Rolla, you will only come across one wood house where lives the last inhabitant of the Park, an old but very charming lady. The path will get narrower and forest will become denser. After hiking for about 45 minutes from the park gate you will reach Rolla Huts and campsite. Enjoy the company of our staff who prepares you amazing food and spend your first night.

Trekkers on the way to Rolla in the Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
Trekkers on the way to Rolla
Timing Details

Chalocha stage is not really mandatory since you can go straight from Rolla to Nada. But it is then a long and quite strenuous day.
If you prefer to have a relax day, stop at Chalocha today. The way is not so obvious since it goes sometime through small bridges, stairs and big rocks in the river bed.
It is better to leave Rolla in the morning to reach Chalocha for lunch time. Rolla is not so interesting compared to Chalocha. It is only a 3 hours hike.


You can spend your afternoon enjoying the riverside campsite of Chalocha. Many monkeys go down to the river to get fresh water from the river. We even have spotted Common Leopard at Chalocha. Enjoy your time, get always ready with your camera. Have a second comfortable evening with a good bonfire. Chalocha is definitively an awesome forested spot at the riverside.

On the way to Chalocha in the Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
A delicate pathway on the way to Chalocha
Enjoying the pristine environment of the Tirthan river
Enjoying the pristine environment of the Tirthan river
Timing Details

There will be no transition today. From the river you just have to climb a very steep trail winding in a dense forest. What an amazing feeling to get yourself at a higher altitude very fast and make out the higher peaks of the GHNP through the branches of oak trees. Have your lunch after 2 hours of climb.


It will take you about 4 hours to reach Nada thach. After having climbed 1000 m you finally reach a more or less flat area, a large high altitude meadow, Nada thach. That is when you can observe the scenery around. You will love it. The today's camp will be set up here.

The steep climb to Nada in the Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
In the forest climbing to Nada Thach
Timing Details

This is when you have to choose between Kobri (the scenic top over the Tirthan valley) and Tirth (the sources of Tirthan river). This is the description of Tirth trek.
A long but lovely trekking day.
After having climbed so much you have some good descent towards the river again. The landscape gradually changes. As far as you progress you enter the realm of higher altitude ecosystems. The path is not easy. Every year it suffers from landslides, so you progress slowly. But what an adventure.


After reaching the Tirthan river again (at a much higher altitude) you continue following the banks. Between two steps, keep your eyes open, the place is very wild and may offers you great opportunities for seeing large mammals. Majhoni is reach in the afternoon. Spend your evening in this very special environment.

Reaching Majhoni in the Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
Around Majhoni
Timing Details

Though you have right to a day rest on the trek, it won't be today. The temptation of going to Tirth is to huge !
Let the natural energy of the valley take you up to there ! If you start early you may even go ahead of Tirth walking on the glacier's moraine. Several valleys converge into the large watershed of upper Tirthan. What a pleasure for the eyes !
And of course try to remain as silent as you can, wildlife is abundant here !


You walk down back to Majhoni for the night. Don't be late.

In the Tirthan valley, Great Himalayan National Park GHNP
Reaching Tirth
Timing Details

You pack up everyting after breakfast and go back on the way toward Nada Thach.


Reach Nada in the afternoon and take time to set up the camp in a proper manner. You will spend 2 nights at Nada.

On the way back to Nada, Great Himalayan National Park
A Devta (God) on the way
Timing Details
The two options

Good morning ! Two options for today.

1) Too tired to go anywhere today? Stay there and enjoy the wilderness of Nada Thach. Our staff will take care of you so that you will be completely refreshed by the next day. You can also ask your guide to observe and recognize the local birds. You may see the famous and colourful Monal !
2) In all the condition you want to see the Kobri top. Get ready for a 4 to 5 hours hike.
Here is the description for the hike to Kobri


After breakfast leave all your stuff at Nada and start climbing with your guide towards Kobri. The way goes straigth. It is quite steep ! You will cross a magnificient forest which gradually gives way to high altitude pastures.
Be careful, depending on the season you may still have snow. Follow the advices of your guide.
3 hours of hiking are required to reach the top of a ridge flowing from a higher peak, you are at Kobri.


You may reach by lunch time (the climb takes about 3 hours). Enjoy the view of the entire Tirthan valley from a spot located at the altitude of 4090 m.
It will take you 1 to 2 hours to get back to Nada and enjoy your evening.

At the Kobri top, above Tirthan valley, Great Himalayan National Park
Enjoying snow at the Kobri top (4090 m)
Timing Details

Go down towards Chalocha following the same steep way that we climbed on the way out. Have your lunch at Chalocha.


It will take you about one hour to get to Rolla from Chalocha.
Enjoy your last camp at the riverside.

Timing Details

No rush you have to whole day to go down to Gushaini back to civilization.


The descent is about 2 and half to 3 hours.

Alternate itineraries

Nada Thach in 4 days
   Only 4 days with you? Nada is a nice shorter trek. Good choice for bird watchers !
Day 1 From Gushaini to Chalocha
Day 2 From Chalocha to Nada
Day 3 From Nada to Rolla
Day 4 From From Rolla to Gushaini
Kobri top in 5 days
   This is our very popular trek for those who wish to have a high altitude trek experience in only 5 days.
Day 1 From Gushaini to Chalocha
Day 2 From Chalocha to Nada Thach.
Day 3 From Nada to Kobri top and back to Nada in the evening.
Alternatively this day could be used for observation of wildlife and photography.
Day 4 From Nada Thach to Rolla.
Day 5 From Rolla to Gushaini.
Tirth trek in 7 days
   You want to reach Tirth in a 7 days trek only. You are in a good physical condition? Let's do it !
Day 1 From Gushaini to Chalocha
Day 2 From Chalocha to Nada Thach.
Day 3 From Nada to Majhoni
Day 4 From Majhoni to Tirth and back to Majhoni in the evening.
Day 5 From Majhoni to Nada Thach.
Day 6 From Nada Thach to Rolla.
Day 7 From Rolla to Gushaini.

Tirthan valley hotels

You may like to spend a comfortable night in the Tirthan valley before or/and after your trek.
In the ecozone part of the Tirthan valley there are guest houses and simple homestays where we can book rooms for you.

There are no "real" hotels in the valley and that's good. The smaller the infrastructures are, the better is your ecotourism experience. You remain far from the crowd and mass tourism !
We have selected for you the best guest houses and homestays in the valley so that you can enjoy the local hospitality and the tasty food !

Once the trek starts and you enter the Great Himalayan National Park, there are no hotels, homestays or guest houses. You will sleep under our comfortable tents carried by the support staff of Himalayan Ecotourism.
Tirthan valley hotel

Tirthan valley hotel

There are no hotels but guest houses and homestays at the start and end of your trek in the ecozone of the GHNP. Have a simple but comfortable and friendly stay !

Tirthan valley accommodation

Tirthan valley accommodation

The only way to sleep while on trek : under tents ! Be sure to have the most reliable and comfortable camping equipment with Himalayan Ecotourism. On the photo our Platinum camping equipment with a dining tent available on request for large groups.

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